The modern Koroni

The beautiful traditional settlement, with its narrow alleys, as the locals call it, the large mansions of the Molos and the Canvas, the small and cramped houses of Omali and Burgos, is today a residential complex with a strong island color and a bustling center. during the summer months. Modern Koroni is known for the famous variety of olive oil, the “Koroneiki”, and the proverb, oil is raining in Koroni. It is an emblematic community for the Mediterranean Diet and an idyllic tourist destination. On the coastal road of the harbor and its whitewashed picturesque streets, the visitor can visit traditional cafes, bars, ouzeries, fish taverns, restaurants and various shops. Surrounded by its sandy beaches, Zaga and Memi are more popular.
In the castle town, remarkable historical monuments are preserved, besides the imposing fortress, such as the metropolitan church of Agios Dimitrios, with the impressive iconostasis of the iconostasis, the old calendar, the Holy Monastery of Timios Prodromos, the large mausoleum, the three-aisled paleochristian the basilica of God Sophia, the temple of Saint Charalambus, the church of Virgin Mary in Resalto and the Anemomilos in Bourgo.